Tea rose marble countertops make beautiful statement pieces that can tie a whole room together. This rose-colored stone is easily accessible and looks extravagant enough to impress any guest. 

Mined primarily in the quarries of Turkey, Iran and the Philippines, tea rose marble features striking gold and white veins and has a polished look that is perfect for home accents. The red capillaries and mineral enrichments give this marble a unique aesthetic appeal that is sure to pique the interest of those you invite into your space.

The Uniqueness of Tea Rose Marble

Tea rose marble is a metamorphic rock created from limestone exposed to high levels of heat and pressure underground. The marble gains its distinct hue from exposure to natural rust. The pink coloration is what makes a tea rose marble stone slab an attractive option for interior designers who want to give a room a unique note. 

To add to its appeal, this marble is embellished with notes of white and gold. Its tones brighten up any room, and the unique texture offers an irresistible sensory experience. Tea rose marble is revered for its exclusivity, as it comes from specific quarries in the Elazig and Diyarbakir provinces of Turkey.

You’ll often find pink rose marble as a countertop or vanity, and it’s usually the statement piece of any room’s design. 

Projects Featuring Tea Rose Marble

Marble is well loved for its durability and heat resistance, making it a popular choice for kitchen countertops. It’s also a timeless material for giving bathrooms an extra touch of luxury. With some imagination, though, marble can make an exquisite accent for any space. A tea rose marble stone slab may be exactly what your home’s aesthetic needs to be truly unforgettable. 

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Take a look at the Lesher Marble gallery to find inspiration for your pink rose marble project! 

What Pairs Well With Rose-Colored Counters and Vanities

Tea rose marble countertops and vanities pair well with quite a few interior design colors: 

  1. White: The light tones in tea rose marble makes this color a perfect complement to your pink marble counter. 
  2. Green: Green is an excellent accent for rose marble vanities, providing balance with a pop of complementary color. 
  3. Brown: Shades of brown give a room a welcoming, settled feel, and they work well with the striking tones of a rose marble slab.

Explore Our Tea Rose Marble Today 

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