Natural and engineered stone are not limited to counters and floors.

Marble Vanities

Advantages of Buying Marble Bath Vanities

There are many reasons marble is an exceptional choice for use in the bathroom. This stately natural stone is among the most traditional building materials. However, it’s also used today in a broad range of interior design styles. It’s extremely durable, and it provides higher resistance to heat than virtually any other type of natural countertops. You don’t have to worry about the surface suffering damage if you get close to it with something hot like a curling iron.

Business owners and homeowners invest in marble vanities in bathrooms for its unique aesthetic appeal due to veining created during the natural formation process. Marble can deliver a beautiful look while enhancing the value of your home.

Things to Consider About Marble Vanities

The same factors that account for the timeless, classic appeal of marble vanities in bathrooms are reasons why the material isn’t right for everyone. Being that it is a natural stone, marble varies widely in color and movement, so no two slabs are identical.

You’ll also find pits and fissures that further differentiate each stone countertop. However, none of these visual attributes imply damage or weakness in the material. If you need a material that offers total uniformity, you might want to consider a different product.

Marble is a softer stone that can scratch or bruise due to an impact or force. That’s why it is often used in bathrooms as opposed to kitchens, as you don’t have to worry as much about working with knives, mallets and other utensils that could cause damage. Its natural water-resistance is also another desirable element of marble bath vanities.

Taking Care of Marble Vanities

Marble counters will last a lifetime when properly fabricated, sealed and maintained. Cleaning is generally easy. For light jobs, all you typically require is a cloth or sponge and some warm water. When using a cleaning product, a mild soap, all-purpose bathroom surface spray or marble cleaner will get the job done. To protect this calcium-based natural stone from etching, avoid using acidic cleaners such as vinegar, citrus or heavily abrasive sponges and scrubber.

As with many natural stone materials, marble requires sealing on an annual or semi-annual basis. An impregnating sealer is recommended for optimal protection and durability. If you want your marble surfaces to gives off a radiant shine, you’ll need to have it professionally repolished as the need arises.

Pricing Marble Bath Vanities

Marble is typically in the same general price range as other natural stone products such as granite and serpentine. While the cost can vary significantly based on size and dimensions as well as the complexity of the design, prices start at around $60 to $65 per square foot and up installed.

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