Custom Stone Lazy Susans in Central PA

If you research the origins of lazy Susans online, you’ll probably encounter claims that Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Edison invented this clever kitchen gadget. The truth is, the first lazy Susan was most likely created in England in the early 1700s when household help was in short supply.

Over the years, lazy Susans have found their way onto dinner tables and into a countless number of bathroom and kitchen cabinets. No matter where they’re located, lazy Susans are versatile and great for storing many things, such as spices, toiletries, and dishes.

In their early days, lazy Susans were often made of wood or silver. Today, you can order a custom lazy Susan made out of various kinds of durable, great-looking stone.


Granite has long been the go-to-choice for homeowners who want elegant yet functional countertops. If you want a lazy Susan to serve food, particularly hot food, you can’t go wrong with one made with granite. This stone is nearly impervious to heat, which means you can serve hot dishes on a granite lazy Susan without worrying about damaging the stone.

Granite is widely available in close to 3,000 different colors and types, which makes it a breeze to get a custom lazy Susan that matches your aesthetic. A granite lazy Susan requires very little maintenance once it’s properly sealed.


Like granite, soapstone is a nice-looking natural stone. While soapstone is only available in various shades of white, off-white, pearl, and gray, it’s still a great choice for a versatile lazy Susan. Even though soapstone is hard and stain-resistant, it’s susceptible to scratches. The more you use a soapstone lazy Susan, the more it will take on a patina that’s reminiscent of an antique, which will only be enhanced by the occasional scratch or two.

Even if you can’t stand the idea of having a dinged lazy Susan, you shouldn’t write off soapstone just yet. If your soapstone lazy Susan is scratched, you can simply sand out the damage.


Marble is a wonderful choice if you want an eye-catching lazy Susan that makes a statement on its own. Every slab of marble is unique, which means your marble lazy Susan will truly be unlike any other. Even though marble is heatproof, the stone is vulnerable to stains. To prevent unsightly stains, it’s recommended that you seal your marble lazy Susan and reseal it as needed over the course of its lifetime.


As it relates to kitchen applications, quartz is an engineered stone made with various minerals, including quartz particles, and resins that bind the minerals together. Due to this resin, quartz is not heat resistant, avoid placing hot pots and dishes on a quartz lazy Susan. Nonporous and resistant to both scratches and stains, quartz is a fantastic alternative to natural stone for a lazy Susan.

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