Vermont Verde

If you're looking for a green stone for your counters or vanities, Vermont Verde may be the perfect option. Its dark and rich hue suits many different aesthetics, whether you want to embrace an earthy style or create a sophisticated appearance. Fitting in the serpentine category, this stone features mesmerizing snake-like patterns. The eye-catching material

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Go With Butcher Block Counters

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops? If so, you may be wondering whether butcher block countertops are a good idea. Below, we discuss why butcher blocks might not be your best option and how natural stone offers more benefits for homeowners over the long haul. The Rise in Butcher Block Counter Popularity Butcher

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Stone Veining: What to Know When Buying Countertops

Stone countertops come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. With so many gorgeous styles available, you may need help deciding on the best countertops for your home or business. Learning about veining in stone slabs can help you narrow your countertop options. Veins add depth and dimension, giving the stone a unique design

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Tea Rose Marble

Tea rose marble countertops make beautiful statement pieces that can tie a whole room together. This rose-colored stone is easily accessible and looks extravagant enough to impress any guest.  Mined primarily in the quarries of Turkey, Iran and the Philippines, tea rose marble features striking gold and white veins and has a polished look that

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How to Make Homemade Marble Countertop Cleaner

Table of Contents: Homemade Marble Cleaner That's Safe for Your Countertop and Family What You Need to Make Marble Cleaner at Home The Best Ways to Properly Clean Your Marble Countertops What NOT to Use for Marble Cleaner How to Protect Marble Counters The Importance of Proper Marble Countertop Care Contact Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz,

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Volga Blue Granite

Sourced from Ukraine, Volga Blue granite is a unique and stunning material, making it an eye-catching option for countertops and other surfaces. Quarried in a single region and in limited amounts, this stone may also go by descriptive names referencing its blue-green hues. Since Volga Blue granite's veining occurs naturally, it varies between slabs, ensuring

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Kitchen Upgrades That Increase Home Value

For homeowners, the heart of the home is the kitchen. Spending time every day in this bustling space is almost a given — from cooking and entertaining friends over a glass of vino to working on homework with the kids or simply spending quality time with your family. However, you may begin to notice your

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What Causes Cloudy Granite Countertops?

You love your all-natural granite countertops, but you may have noticed they look like they're covered in a bit of haze. Many homeowners have experienced the phenomenon of cloudy granite countertops. Typically, this is due to one of three issues: The countertop is not as clean as you assume: Granite countertops can be wiped down with soapy

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Brown Fantasy Dolomite Marble

If you’re looking for a durable surface for your kitchen or bathroom and want something warm and eye-catching, brown fantasy dolomite marble is a stunning, durable option. Fantasy brown marble is often mislabeled as quartzite, but it's actually marble that has undergone the geological process known as dolomitization. Dolomitization happens when calcium ions are

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