Natural stone countertops can enhance the appearance of any space. Whether you’re updating your home’s kitchen or your business’s bathroom, Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile provides various natural stone countertop options that will help elevate your room.

Lancaster County’s Premier Counter Installer

At Lesher Marble, we have been providing commercial and residential properties with quality materials and services for tasks such as home improvement projects and renovations for years. Our expert team has the necessary experience to assist you in choosing and installing a countertop that is suitable for your needs.

In addition to installing stunning countertops in Lancaster, PA, we offer services such as:

  • Sealing: Our experts will help protect your newly installed countertops from water damage and stains with sealant or reseal your current countertops.
  • Repairing: We will repair any cracks, chips, and nicks in a timely manner to preserve your countertop’s stunning appearance.
  • Conserving: Our team will ensure your countertops retain their natural beauty for longer with our conservation services. 

Large Selection of Stone Materials

Lesher Marble offers an extensive selection of natural stone countertop options, enabling you to find one that best suits your style and budget.


Granite is a popular choice for countertops due to its durability, heat and stain resistance, and appealing look. This material is also simple to clean with the right method. When you choose from our selection of granite countertops in Lancaster, you can elevate your home or workplace.


Quartz countertops can give your space a modern and elegant look. This material also comes in many colors, allowing it to seamlessly complement any decor. The stone’s resistance to water damage, mold, bacteria, and stains makes it an ideal addition to bathrooms, kitchens, and workspaces.


Enhance your home or business with the timeless and elegant beauty of marble. The distinct veining of this stone material will give your countertops a unique appearance. If you’re looking for a stunning and heat-resistant option, you can’t go wrong with our collection of marble countertops in Lancaster, PA.

Call Lancaster’s Countertop Experts

When you’re ready to begin your next project, trust our countertop experts to make your vision come to life. We offer a diverse selection of granite, marble, and quartz countertops in Lancaster, PA, that you can view in our showroom. Call us at 717-964-4032 to schedule an appointment today!