If you’re looking for a durable surface for your kitchen or bathroom and want something warm and eye-catching, brown fantasy dolomite marble is a stunning, durable option.

Fantasy brown marble is often mislabeled as quartzite, but it’s actually marble that has undergone the geological process known as dolomitization. Dolomitization happens when calcium ions are replaced by magnesium ions in calcite. In marble, this process produces a harder material that’s incredibly durable.

Key Features of Fantasy Brown Marble

Designers love brown fantasy dolomite marble because it has some great features, including:

  • Amazing color variation: Every slab of fantasy brown marble has different colors. This stone can be cream, brown, white, pink, red, gray, and green. Some slabs feature all these colors, while others have one or more dominant hues.
  • Durability: Brown fantasy is harder than traditional marble and will not etch or scratch as easily. This stone’s surface is resistant to heat and retains cool temperatures, making it ideal for many applications.
  • Movement: Brown fantasy dolomite marble has sweeping lines and patterns that create a sense of movement. Slabs can have a bold look and lots of movement or a more subtle appearance, so you can choose the perfect look based on your preference.

key features of fantasy brown marble

Fantasy Brown Marble Maintenance

This type of marble is fairly easy to care for. Properly sealing brown fantasy dolomite marble can help protect the surface, and you’ll want to reseal it annually. Most cleanups can be handled with a little water and a soft cloth. Fantasy brown marble can also be repolished to give it new life.

Common Brown Fantasy Dolomite Marble Projects

The durability and natural beauty of fantasy brown marble make it ideal for many indoor projects. You can use it for:

  • Bathroom vanity tops.
  • Kitchen countertops.
  • Fireplace surrounds.
  • Shower walls.
  • Bar tops.
  • Tub surrounds.

Learn More About Fantasy Brown Marble From the Experts

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