UPDATE:  The Lesher Kitchen Tour is RAIN or SHINE 🙂 

Get your Free Pass for the second annual Lesher Kitchen Tour.  Passes are available now at Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile located at 2400 Swatara Creek Road in Middletown, PA.

On Sunday September 18th from 1 – 4 the pass will allow you to enter 9 homes all located in Hershey.  That day  you’ll take a short drive through Hershey from the beautiful countryside to the quaint downtown.  Step inside some of Hershey’s most charming homes.

Discover what others have accomplished and the resources they utilized in the unique creation of each kitchen.  Meet the designers, cabinet makers, builders, architects and other related vendors.  Get to know your local countertop craftsman at Lesher. Talk with some of the creators of these masterpiece kitchens.

Tour all 9 homes SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18,  1 pm – 4 pm.  Don’t delay, get your pass today while supplies last.

Check back here often as we unveil all of the unique features of each of these 9 kitchens on the tour.  Imagine what you’ll see as you read about each kitchen all located in Hershey:

23 Beechwood Lane

17 Beechwood Lane  (Outdoor Kitchen)

28 Woodland Avenue

50 Forest Avenue

985 Greenlea Road

525 W Areba Avenue

150 W Areba Avenue

45 W Granada Avenue

30 Almond Drive   NOTE: Derry Township does not allow parking on the “inner circle” of Almond Drive.  Parking must be on the outer circle of Almond Drive.

Google Map of Lesher Kitchen Tour

Questions?  Give us a call at 944-4431  during our business hours Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm. During those hours you also may stop by and pick up your free pass(es).  We look forward to handing them out to everyone who asks! Find us at  2400 Swatara Creek Road Middletown PA   See you soon.  

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