For homeowners, the heart of the home is the kitchen. Spending time every day in this bustling space is almost a given — from cooking and entertaining friends over a glass of vino to working on homework with the kids or simply spending quality time with your family. However, you may begin to notice your much-loved space could use a makeover. This may be especially true if this once-fun place to gather has become an area you simply rush your guests through.

Like many other areas of a home, kitchen designs can become outdated quickly. What buyers may want today isn’t necessarily what they wanted a few years ago. If you’re looking to do some easy kitchen updates to add value to your home, focus on specific areas that would make your kitchen look attractive. You won’t necessarily need a full renovation, but rather make budget-friendly and easy adjustments.

Kitchen remodeling increases your property value and is considered one of the best investments for maximizing your resale value. A little TLC and some simple budget-friendly kitchen renovations can significantly impact your home’s value. According to Forbes, we should “update kitchens … for the greatest return on investment.

kitchen remodeling can increase your property value

Areas of Your Kitchen to Consider Updating

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, explore some of these top budget-friendly kitchen upgrades for inspiration and innovation with your next project.

Repaint Cabinets and Change Hardware

Cabinets are sometimes referred to as a kitchen’s “face” since they are one of the first things people see when they enter. If you want a quick kitchen improvement that will add value to your home, repainting your cabinets and changing the hardware are easy ways to give your kitchen a new face — without breaking the bank.

To open up your kitchen’s space, paint your cabinets with neutral tones. Hardware can also improve the room’s feel and make out-of-date cabinetry feel upgraded. Swap out your standard hardware and try a recessed ring pull or steel square twist T-handle knob for stylish fixtures that are super trendy and affordable.

Replace or Add Backsplash

Are you’re feeling bored of your outdated backsplash with moldy-looking, yellowing grout? Another easy kitchen upgrade is to change your backsplash for a new look.

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You could consider using stone (granite or marble), glass, mosaic, or classic white tile for your backsplash to match other elements in your kitchen. Go for neutral tones to brighten up your kitchen, or go bold and make your backsplash an accent piece. Tiled kitchen backsplashes are fashionable elements that add value to your space while also being cost-effective.

Update Your Flooring

An easy-to-miss but essential tip for kitchen upgrades is your flooring. Yes, the only time you may think about your floor is when you’re mopping up a messy baking session or a spill, but renovating your kitchen floor is an easy, budget-friendly option for kitchen remodeling.

If you want to be able to choose from an array of flooring options, consider some of these:

  • Stone tile flooring: If you’re really looking to spruce up your kitchen, consider adding stone tile flooring for those high-traffic areas. Although this alternative can be pricey depending on the stone type, it’s more durable, longer-lasting, and easier to care for than laminate or wood alternatives.
  • Stone slabs: Looking for something a little larger, more durable, and more affordable than tiles? Stone slabs are a good choice. Stone slabs come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and textures to fit your kitchen’s style.
  • Wooden flooringIf you have wooden flooring, painting it with a fashionable gray or dark brown may instantly transform your area and increase your home value. Painting is also a budget-friendly option and an easy way to give your kitchen floor a new life.
  • Vinyl flooring: For many homeowners, replacing their current floors with vinyl flooring is much more affordable than many other options and is becoming a popular trend in the kitchen space.

Add a New Kitchen Sink

In any kitchen, the sink is one of the most vital and often-used appliances. Choosing the right kitchen sink can be a fantastic way to make a statement in your cooking area, transforming a utilitarian element into a work of art.

At Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz & Granite, we provide an array of custom stone sinks to add a touch of style to any kitchen. From rustic and rough to smooth and modern sinks, you’ll find the perfect custom stone sink to add a “wow” factor to your area. Whether you choose a granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite, or quartz sink, there’s a perfect style out there to match your space.

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Update Your Countertop

Eating food, rolling dough, cutting veggies, or planning your next party — the kitchen countertop is where most of the action happens. When you’re working on your kitchen renovations, you want to ensure you have a durable surface to cut, roll, and knead your items on.

We offer several types of natural sandstone countertops to fit every budget, plus numerous other materials. We provide an assortment of captivating countertops to make your kitchen look brand new — from marble and granite to quartz and quartzite.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Any room’s mood can change dramatically with good lighting. This kitchen makeover concept is attractive, budget-friendly, and easy to implement.

Consider under-cabinet lighting or hand-drop lights over a kitchen island or your countertops for a high-end aesthetic, or replace existing bulbs with LEDs for enhanced illumination. You could also replace your lighting fixtures with more modern and stylish options for a contemporary look.

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Are you ready to begin making kitchen renovations that will increase your home’s value? While these improvements can get you a greater return on investment whenever you sell your house, selecting which ones to do can be challenging. That’s why we make it our business to supply you with stunning countertops, flooring options, sinks, and more to transform your space into a thing of beauty. Mix and match these renovation ideas to best fit your budget and preferences.

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