As soon as I walked through the entrance of Sue and Scott Burkhardt’s home to take pictures, I was in awe as I peered around the corner. I knew this was the angle that was going to show the expansion and the room with a view. You can’t see to the right of the great room, but you’ll see to the right in the second picture.

If you missed the before pictures of the Burkhardt kitchen you can see them here. Oh, what a difference!

The island and bar top is quite unique and becoming more and more popular. It has a look that makes you want to walk up and touch it. Sue mentioned that so many friends have commented, “Is this leather?”, as they feel it. And she smiles and replies, “No, it’s granite with a leather finish.” The granite is called Brown Antique and it has what’s called a leather finish. If you are not familiar with stone finishes, you can read and see my previous posts on surface finishes here. Below you can see the bar top with the leather finish.

Here’s a close up of the island…

The perimeter counter top is gorgeous, too. This granite is called Bianco Antico with a Demi Bullnose edge profile. The color blends fantastically with the tile backsplash that Scott decided he would do himself.

Here’s a close up of the seam. Hard to see? We try to do as few seams as possible and are pretty good at hiding them.

Sue likes the arts and discovered this idea of lighting and decorating cool empty wine bottles.

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Below is a piece of furniture that they had already bought before the renovations. It’s made of marble tiles that are seamed together quite well. They wanted to keep this table, of course, and decided to pick out their colors for the granite, tile, floor etc. based on this piece. The tile back splash actually has the same marble called Marron Emperador Brown worked in it as you’ll see in the next picture…

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