Putting granite in your home is a big decision and quite possibly a big expense. Picking the right stone for you and your project can be an overwhelming task, but that is only half the equation. Don’t overlook picking the right fabricator. Even the most beautiful stone can be ruined by improper fabrication and installation. Choosing your fabricator should be your first step.  A quality fabricator will be able to source the stone of your dreams.

Not every ‘deal’ is a deal.

Everybody today wants “a deal.” Deals and competitive pricing are the ”norm” in this economy, but when it comes to granite, you need to shop more than just price. Any Joe off the street with a truck and a circular saw can cut granite. However, “Joe” is not the person to which you want to trust thousands of your dollars and the well-being of your home.

Do your research.

Look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). How is this company ranked with them? How many disputes have they been involved in? How were they resolved? Look at their profile. Is their page strong with contacts and pictures? Look at Angie’s List, Houzz, or Google Business. What is their score there? Read the comments for the company you are considering.  Make sure they have a good, interactive website that makes it easy to contact them.


Do they have a showroom and slab yard? These two things are more than just convenience for the consumer. They also indicate stability and strength.  It means financial investment in the company and it also indicates good, strong vendor partners. All those slabs and machines have to come from somewhere and trust us, they aren’t free. Also, if you walk through their facility and you don’t see anything you like, are they willing to send you to a wholesale granite company in your area for more selections?…GOOD! This means they have a working relationship with that wholesale company. They wouldn’t send you there if they couldn’t buy product from them.

In the end you should choose the fabricator you feel you can trust to do the best work. Getting stone work done is a big investment.  You want to be sure that it will be done right the first time. The majority of the time any trusted fabricator can bring in a stone that you saw at a competitor’s facility. What’s more important is that they have the ability to install it correctly the first time and save you the hassle and heartache of having to do it again.

The basic steps in working with your fabricator:

Pick the fabricator – be sure to research

Pick a stone – bring color samples with you of the cabinets, paint, floor, etc.

Make other needs known – tear out, sinks, faucet, etc.

Return to the fabricator and approve your slabs and the lay out  – after template, but before cutting

Just prior to install, clean off your countertops, remove your old countertops from your cabinets (if necessary), take everything out of your sink cabinet.

Enjoy your new counters!

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