You love your all-natural granite countertops, but you may have noticed they look like they’re covered in a bit of haze.

Many homeowners have experienced the phenomenon of cloudy granite countertops. Typically, this is due to one of three issues:

  • The countertop is not as clean as you assume: Granite countertops can be wiped down with soapy water. Over time, the soap may leave a residue. Until the residue is removed with a proper cleaner, the cloudiness will remain.
  • The wrong materials were used to clean the countertop: Granite is stone and should be cleaned with nonabrasive solutions. Otherwise, the countertop’s shine will start to fade.
  • Spills were not wiped up immediately: It’s normal for bits of food and splashes of drinks to land on your countertops. You should clean them right away, even if you’ve been good about keeping your granite sealed. Acidic ingredients can lead to discoloration and cloudiness.

Of course, regardless of the underlying reason for your cloudy granite countertop, you will want to take steps to restore its shine.

How to Clean Cloudy Film On Granite Countertops

One way to restore your countertops to their original luster is to commit to a granite-friendly cleaning routine. Follow the steps below for a gleaming granite countertop.

1. Use a Cleaner Meant for Granite

You can find many granite countertop cleaners on the market. They’re designed to sanitize and protect the stone. If you’re not sure which product to pick, you may want to ask the company that installed your countertop for suggestions.

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2. Keep Your Granite Countertops Dry

how to clean cloudy granite

Making certain your countertops are completely dry after cleaning is nearly as essential as wiping them down in the first place. Always give your countertops a final once-over to ensure you’ve picked up every bit of liquid. That way, you won’t experience a filmy coating or “ring” that hinders the countertop’s shine or mars its appearance.

3. Seal Your Granite Countertops Regularly

Granite countertops should be sealed per the instructions given during the installation process. Usually, that means you’ll be sealing and resealing every few years.

Transform a Cloudy Granite Countertop

If your granite countertop looks cloudy today, take steps to revitalize it. If you try at-home remedies to boost the elegance of your countertops and they don’t work, you may need a professional’s help.

Contact Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile for granite countertop repairs, polishing, and sealing to get those granite counters looking like new again!

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