Customers who choose Taj Mahal quartzite for their home and commercial projects get all the benefits of marble and more. Only a highly trained eye can spot the differences between natural Taj Mahal quartzite and genuine marble.

If you’ve been looking for a stone that features creamy colors, unique striations, and light swirls of neutral colors, we can help. Find out why Taj Mahal quartzite keeps rising as a bestselling choice among homeowners, business owners, and interior designers.

Taj Mahal Quartzite: A Brief Background

Taj Majal quartzite is named for a stunning building in India, though it’s mined in Brazil. Known for resisting scratching and etching, this popular type of quartzite comes in a variety of warm white tones. Wavy, curved marbling weaves throughout the background color. Typically, the marbling is beige, tan, or a similar shade.

What Makes Taj Mahal Quartzite So Appealing?

Taj Majal quartzite remains a beautiful choice for countertops and other applications. Though it’s pricier than stones like granite, it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for a natural stone to highlight your home or office.

A few features and traits that make Taj Mahal quartzite stand out include:

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to Taj Mahal quartzite’s appearance, it’s a spectacular standout in any room. Need a neutral stone for a waterfall countertop or other project? Taj Mahal quartzite tends to be neutral in shade and overtones.
  • Durability: Taj Mahal quartzite is extremely resistant to nicking and etching than other stones like granite. It takes a lot of heat to affect Taj Mahal quartzite countertops — you can easily place a hot pan or dish on the countertop.
  • Affordability: When you want a long-lasting stone, you expect to pay a little more. Taj Mahal quartzite remains competitively priced among high-end stones.
  • Easy maintenance: You can keep your Taj Mahal quartzite counters looking great with simple supplies. After sealing the quartzite, use a low-pH soap and water mixture and a soft, nonabrasive sponge or cloth to wipe up messes. Avoid cleaners that use bleach or acidic compounds, which can damage quartzite.

Choose Taj Mahal Quartzite for a Range of Projects

Where can you use Taj Mahal quartzite? Some of the most common places include:

  • Countertops.
  • Backsplashes.
  • Regular and waterfall kitchen islands.

Buy Taj Mahal Quartzite From Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile

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