Sinks are not often considered the focal point of a kitchen or bathroom, the the majority of the time they are utilitarian, appearing mostly in stainless steel or ceramic, serving their purpose while being as unnoticeable as possible. 

At Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile, we take pride in creating custom stone sinks that ARE the focal point of a kitchen or bathroom.  From the classic soapstone farm sink to modern styles in marble or granite, a custom design provides a unique complement to your countertop or vanity.

Custom Stone Sink Shape

When beginning work on a custom sink the first question is shape. Will it be a farmhouse style sink or an undermount? Will the front be slanted or carved or plain? Will it be a single bowl or a double bowl?

Custom Stone Sink Creation Process

Once all these questions have been answered the sink can be drawn on CAD and laid out on the stone. The layout on the stone is very important for stones with movement and veining. Whenever possible, we always try to match the veining on all our projects, sinks included. We have found over the years that it is this attention to detail that sets our work apart.

After the layout has been approved the pieces are cut out on our CNC saw. The bottom of the sink is gently sloped and the hole for the drain is cut before moving back to our hand work area to be polished and have the finishing touches done by hand. 

Once polished, the sink is put together using two part epoxy and left to dry for a full day. It is then water tested and any necessary touch ups are made before it is installed.  For a more seamless look sinks can be milled directly into a solid stone counter.

Trust Lesher Marble To Craft Your Custom Stone Sink

Creating these unique, artisan sinks requires precision planning, sophisticated technology, and skilled craftsmanship. Learn more about our kitchen & bathroom remodeling process.

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