Blue Flower Granite

The popularity of granite among designers, architects, builders and homeowners continues to grow, as it is increasingly utilized in everything from countertops, floors, wall tiles and stairs to thresholds, vanities and desktops. Our blue flower granite is available in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey and across the region. You can use blue flower granite to brighten virtually any room with its timeless look that works with a wide range of color schemes and styles.

Despite inherent properties of hardness and density, blue flower granite possesses a refined, almost delicate appeal that lends itself to a variety of interior surfaces. Sourced from Brazil, blue flower granite counters feature a mix of white, gray, steel blue, and bits of brown lined with light and dark veins that swirl in mesmerizing patterns. Our blue flower granite is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and outdoor applications.

Blue Flower Granite Counters

At Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz & Tile, we have the high-quality products and broad capabilities to bring your creative design to life. Our selection of blue flower granite in Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Harrisburg and the surrounding areas is custom-fabricated for your project and expertly installed by our experienced team. We provide blue flower granite that is cut to your specifications and available in polished, honed, brushed, river washed, bush-hammered, flamed and tumbled finishes.

The process of ordering blue flower granite from Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile is fast and convenient. Simply send us your measurements, dimensional drawings and any other pertinent information related to your project. After settling on blue flower as your natural stone selection, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a free pricing estimate. After final approval of the digital template is complete, we’ll fabricate the granite to your specifications, assist in removing any existing countertops or materials, and set an installation date that fits your schedule.

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Blue Flower Granite Ideas

The blue flower granite variety is a stylish, versatile addition to all spaces. The light and dark veins add a complementing accent when used as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. You’ll find that it adds the perfect classy touch, especially in kitchens with neutral walls or cabinets and sleek hardware.

Blue flower granite adds a designer look as a bathroom vanity. Whether used for a single or double sink, this natural stone in your choice of finish will transform your space.

Here at Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile, we can also help you design and bring all kinds of custom projects to life. Check out our gallery for inspiration.

How to Maintain Blue Flower Granite

Blue flower granite is a beautiful addition to any space. With the right maintenance, it’s also durable and long-lasting, offering a timeless style that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

No matter where you install it, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Wipe spills: to keep your granite in great shape, you don’t want to leave liquids, especially acidic sauces or cooking oils, sitting on the stone.
  • Use a cutting board: Granite is strong, but that doesn’t mean you want to cut directly on its surface. Be sure to use a cutting board to protect your knives and the countertops.

Cleaning Your Granite

Keeping your blue flower granite clean is simple. Try to avoid using harsh cleaners that contain chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Watch for cleaners with natural ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar to prevent damaging the surface.

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Instead, just wipe down the countertops using warm water and a gentle cloth or sponge. If necessary, you can also use a little dish soap and water for a deeper clean.

Once a week, use a granite cleaner that’s formulated with a neutral pH. This will help remove the extra grime and keep your countertops looking their best.


Along with daily and weekly maintenance, you’ll most likely need to reseal the granite every 5-10 years. Every year, it’s important to inspect your granite for any signs of scratching, cracking, or shifting at the seams.

You can also do a quick and easy test to see if it’s time to reseal your granite. All you have to do is splash some water on your countertops. If the water flows and doesn’t bead up, the granite has lost its hydrophobic properties — it’s time to reseal it again.

Talk to the Experts About Blue Flower Granite

At Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile, we’re proud to be a leading source for natural stone countertops, tiles and accessories in the Harrisburg, PA region. With extensive industry experience and a 20,000 square foot facility, we look forward to helping you execute the home remodel of your dreams. Take a virtual tour of our showroom to view successful past projects and find inspiration for how to best utilize vibrant blue flower granite in your home or business.

Ready to get your project started with the highest quality materials available? Contact our knowledgeable representatives for availability and additional information about installing blue flower granite in Hershey, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and the surrounding areas.