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February 22, 2013

Stone Showcase: Mark and Anne Freer’s “Sexy” Kitchen

If a kitchen could have “sex appeal”, I would say this one does! In addition to the “sex appeal”, you’ll discover several custom stone ideas that you may find interesting in this particular kitchen and some useful ideas in general. First of all, you’ll see 2 different, yet coordinating, natural stones in the same kitchen that have 2 different surface finishes. Also, there are stone window sills, a stone back splash area, and an “apron” in front of the sink that is made of stone with a towel bar. Porcelain subway tiles are used for most of the back splash and go to the ceiling which gives it a nice look. So this kitchen will demonstrate a variety of design ideas that you may have never considered.

The granites that you’ll see are called ice blue with a polished finish placed on the island and stove back splash and absolute black with a honed finish on the perimeter countertops. If you are not familiar with the various stone surfaces, you can read more about them in my previous posts by clicking here.

Did you see the before pictures of this kitchen from yesterday’s post? If not, you may want to compare the difference.

Now let’s look at this kitchen with “sex appeal”…..


Some really cool design ideas are right in this picture below. If you start at the right of the picture you see the TV and the see-through fireplace which warms up the kitchen and the family room at the same time. In my opinion, the elegant black chandelier makes the whole room look classy and sexy at the same time. It coordinates perfectly with the “blue ice” granite that really looks black and white. Behind the chandelier is the bar with the absolute black honed granite, sink, and a mirror back splash giving the space another classy and sexy finishing touch.





Oh, and all of these fabulous pictures of the kitchen were taken by Chris Leavitt Photography. You can find Chris on facebook at C. Leavitt Photography.


Below is the stone “apron” in front of the sink with a towel bar. Anne Freer requested this feature because of a mistake when ordering her sink. Anne said,

“The granite apron in front of my sink was an idea I came up with to cover up a mistake. The women who helped me design my kitchen assumed I was ordering a farm sink and ordered a sink cabinet for it. When they put it in I didn’t like how it looked and even called to see if I could add a farm sink, but the granite was already cut and it was going to cost too much to have it recut. So that is my way of fixing it. If I had to do it all over again I would have a stainless farm sink.”

So, of course we can make just about anything because “custom” is our middle name. Anne is an interior designer by demand. I asked Anne how she got into interior design and this is what she had to say:

“Basically when we bought our first house in 1998 on Para Ave, I became obsessed with decorating and knew it was my passion. Friends started asking me to help them and soon after I started a small business, Anne Freer Interiors. My friends wanted me to name it Anne Freer Was Here! I have been planning my second house for years, cutting pics out of magazines, following bloggers and spending a lot of time online on Houzz and Pinterest. I feel like I still have so much to do before this house is completed. It is two years ago this month that we moved in and it does feel like home.”

So Anne is a self made interior designer/decorator. Without making her email “public” please message me at and I will share her email with you.


Below you can see the ice blue granite that was used on the island is also used as a “stove back splash”. It’s not granite tiles but one solid piece of granite. Another cool feature in this kitchen is Anne’s hot water faucet attached to the granite above the stove.



What a fantastic idea to use black, light weight metal stools that slide right under the island and stack off to the side of the kitchen easily. When you have kids sometimes accommodating them can make it easier on you and still look fabulous at the same time.


Oh, and we did the bathroom and the office. I’ll share those pictures with you tomorrow.

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