Natural and engineered stone are not limited to counters and floors.

Sandstone Countertops in Central PA

Are you looking for an affordable way to upgrade your bathrooms or kitchen? If so, you may want to consider installing sandstone countertops in your Central PA home. While some people think sandstone is the same as soapstone, the two are distinct from each other.

Similar to granite, sandstone is cut from a solid piece of natural material. Because sandstone is the result of sediment and sand being pressed together over many years, the stone has an inherent beauty that makes the material a sought-after choice for countertops. Sandstone countertops are available with hints of various textures and colors, such as mauve and rose, which are reminiscent of the breathtaking, colorful canyons and plateaus located in the southwestern part of the United States.

What to Know About Sandstone Countertops

Sandstone countertops are more than “just” great looking. They’re also incredibly versatile, which makes them perfect for countertops. If you’re an active cook, you’ll love being able to put hot pans directly on your sandstone countertops without worrying about leaving an unsightly mark. Similarly, you needn’t worry about your curling iron burning sandstone countertops in your bathroom.

Sandstone is readily available in a variety of finishes. Whether you want a glossy finish or you enjoy the stone’s natural “sandy” texture under your fingertips, you can get custom sandstone countertops that will suit your aesthetic perfectly.

Even when two slabs are cut from the same stone, they will not look exactly alike. This intrinsic variation from one slab to another makes sandstone appealing to many homeowners who want countertops that are truly unique. Although that’s the case, people who want their counters to have a uniform, matching appearance may be better off looking for another material for their kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Maintaining Sandstone Countertops

To say sandstone countertops are high-maintenance isn’t entirely accurate. Claims that they need more TLC than most other kinds of stone alternatives are spot on, however. But the extra maintenance sandstone countertops need is offset by their enduring beauty, durability, and versatility.

Sandstone is highly porous, which makes the stone susceptible to stains from spills. While it does take time for a stain to set, sandstone will absorb liquids like wine and juice considerably faster than other types of stone. This makes it imperative to clean up spills immediately.

It’s equally important to seal and reseal your sandstone countertops throughout their lifetime. Sealants typically last between one and three years, so you’ll need to establish a schedule to reseal your counters after they’re initially sealed upon installation.

Cleaning sandstone countertops is a breeze. A mild soap, a gentle cloth, a dry towel, and some water — but not too much water — are all that’s needed to clean sandstone counters. Be sure to towel-dry your counters as the last step in the cleaning process.

How Much Do Sandstone Countertops Cost?

The cost of sandstone countertops will vary in accordance with several factors, such as where the stone is sourced and your precise specifications. If you want to install sandstone countertops in your bathroom, kitchen, or an outdoor space, you should expect to pay about the same as you would for soapstone, or around $70 to $120 per square foot.

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