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Onyx - Metamorphic, semi-precious form of chalcedony, colors are milky, translucent to transparent with layers or bands of color ranging in shades of whites, browns, reds and/or blacks, a showpiece countertop

Onyx is set apart by other natural stones with its opaque translucent quality. For those seeking that special showpiece countertop that will grab the attention of all your guests, onyx is certainly an extraordinary option. In areas of light use such as a showpiece table top or vanity, onyx may be your choice. Realize that over time an onyx countertop will wear down with use.

However, some may not mind this fact and may choose to have this unique natural stone polished and restored bringing it back to the original appearance. With light use this may never happen, but realize it can look worn over time. It’s found with bands of colors ranging in shades of whites, browns, reds and/or blacks. Illuminating it with lighting from the bottom showcases its translucent dynamics.


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