Our company, Mione Family Remodeling, Inc., was founded in 1972 by our father, Ron Mione. We’ve specialized in the remodeling and home improvement industry for all of those 41 years. My brother (Chris) and I, have worked for, and with, our father for the majority of our adult lives.......and during those years of having been provided materials and services from hundreds of different suppliers and trade associates, have experienced some extreme highs and lows, in regards to product, service, cost and quality.

As recently as 10-12 years ago, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, and Tile, where we have since established a relationship, thus far, unmatched in our experiences over the years. Our father had helped us establish a theory over those years, of which is still our creed, that price is considered to be very important in the decision making process when buying anything from a car, counter-tops, or remodeling services, but certainly not the only consideration. Our business has been built on quality service at a fair price and Lesher helps us continue to achieve that goal.

Lesher has helped us, not only in price and selection, but in offering our customers the peace of mind to know that they are in absolutely reliable hands. They offer our customers service above and beyond, in such areas as product education, selection assistance, and professional installation. The people at Lesher are some of the most professional and personable people we have had the pleasure to know, and continue to impress our customers, in all aspects.

Builders and remodelers communicate with one another frequently. As such, we happen to know that a large amount of our associates in this industry agree with us. Lesher has become the premier material and service provider of granite, quartz, and marble countertops, etc., and continues to grow and improve to keep up with the growing market.

Best Regards,

- Christopher J. Mione, C.G.R., President/partner
- Dan Mione, C.G.R., Partner, Mione Family Remodeling, Inc


Deimler & Sons has been working with Lesher for over a decade. The ability to walk through their shop to look at the different stones with clients and then tag the ones the client selects and mark them specifically where we want it cut is a tremendous service. But I think the best part of working with Lesher is their willingness to find a solution to make some of our unique designs a reality.

- Craig Deimler, Deimler & Sons Construction

I have been doing business with Lesher’s for many years. From my days with Shaffer & Son home builders up until the present as the owner of Ed Lank Kitchens. There are a lot of positives about Lesher’s but I will only mention a few.

Lesher’s workmanship both in the arenas of manufacturing and installation are outstanding. I know when I order a top from Lesher’s it will be handled start to finish with the utmost professionalism, which translates into no worries for me or my clients. Where all of the aforementioned qualities are very important to me there is one quality that really sticks out to me. Lesher’s is always open to doing the unusual. ( ie. doing something different, the different look or unusual look )

- Mike Ruddle, President, Ed Lank Kitchens & Baths

"Kindly accept our thanks and let your team know that the family appreciated the quality of work performed on their kitchen project and the way everything came together to enhance their home.

- Contractor from Lemoyne

Dear Frank,

Tom and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work on behalf of our homeowners. We have been building custom homes for over 45 years in the Greater Harrisburg community and during this period of time we have made it our priority to associate ourselves with the very best tradesmen in the area. Our homeowners demand this level of excellence. That is why you became our handpicked “very best” and only natural stone company for Carricato homes.

Frank, because of your outstanding work, we have endured a long and enduring relationship and our homeowners have expressed time and again their appreciation for the quality of your products, your expertise and service.

Please express our gratitude to your staff also. They are skilled and talented and have helped us immeasurably through the years. It all comes down to trust; trust in you and trust in your excellent staff.

We thought this would be a good time to let you know what your company means to us. We should do it more often.


Arlene A. Carricato, Thomas Carricato & Sons, Builders, Inc.