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February 5, 2013

Tall Tale Adventure of our Mixed-Up Mosaic friends and some Art Work.

This is a fun Newsletter that we recently received from our supplier, Mixed-Up Mosaics. I’m sharing the laughter with you and some of their recent artwork creations! Please realize that If you have a vision, they can recreate it with colorful glass tiles……… They truly are artists. Did you miss last week’s post introducing our supplier Mixed-Up Mosaics? Read about them here first if you like.

MUM-NYC- Jan 2013 Newsletter

BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- could it be any colder ?? I guess everything is relative.
We recently shipped a hospital project to Barrow, Alaska and, in an exemplary example of bad timing, the original installer was mauled by a polar bear just prior to starting the job. Being that this desolate location is the Northernmost point in the United States, and has a very small population, they were unable to find a qualified replacement installer. Even after Googling the location and explaining that it gets down to 40 degrees below zero and that there is no daylight until the Spring, Allison insisted on making the journey and installing the project. So four plane rides later this California girl arrived in the Arctic Circle on a mission to install mosaics. Below is the first picture that I received last week- They say you should be aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid wearing bright colors that might attract polar bears- can you guess which one is Allison ?


Allison at gateway to arctic circle_01Allison and friend at the entrance to the Arctic Circle

As it turns out they did build a beautiful hospital up there at the top of the world. Because the surrounding area is mostly gray and blah, the locals enjoy incorporating plenty of color in their designs- sounds like a job for MUM-NYC. Below is an image of Allison installing one of the giant colorful gradated custom waves mosaics- probably the only person on the jobsite that wears a fluorescent orange reflective safety vest to tone down their outfit.

Allison Installing_02Allison installing MUM-NYC custom gradaed waves mural

One more image of a smaller panel being installed on site (below).

MUM-NYC- Barrow Hospital Mural_03MUM-NYC- waves gradation- apx. 40″ X 96″ section.

As long as i have your attention i’ll share a few more recent images.

A very cool bath which incorporates our Overlapping circles in a white blend (below).

MUM-NYC- Overlapping Circles Bath_04MUM-NYC- Overlapping Circles

The uber-stylish ripple miror Herringbone pattern is unique and very glamorous.

MUM-NYC- ripple mirror Herringbone_05MUM-NYC- ripple mirror Herringbone

Great contrast in the use of black/gunmetal Parquet pattern next to a white sink and tub (below).

MUM-NYC- black-gun metal Parquet_06MUM-NYC- black/gunmetal Parquet

A little bit of color to share- here a client ran the waves pattern around the kitchen then curved them into a blend of red flames above the cooktop with our Offset Grass above the hood.

MUM-NYC- horizontal into vertical waves_07MUM-NYC- waves into flames backsplash

Lastly, we recently completed an intricate mural for a dessert focused restaurant (below). Allison will work with you on any design and produce a mosaic masterpiece.

MUM-NYC- ice cream and sweets_08MUM-NYC- custom sweets mural

Save the whales- save them big fat funky whales

MUM-NYC- small whale mural-2_09MUM-NYC- small whale mural

So she made it back safely and is now trying to clean up the mess that I made in the studio- just wanted to share our tall tale of the life of a very committed mosaic designer :-)
PS- Robert the installer is alive and doing well- he is hoping to run a marathon shortly and we wish him all the best.

Gary Goldenstein
Mixed-Up Mosaics

Hope you enjoyed the laughter and the stain glass art work…. :)

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