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September 26, 2014

Stone Showcase: Stylish Kitchen in Lewisburg

sullivan final-1

This kitchen is a classic and trending here in Central Pa. We are finding more and more people asking for marble kitchen countertops and islands. Most are lured to the timeless style and the crisp clean bright white look that is so posh right now. However, we at Lesher must advise all customers considering a marble countertop that marble does not behave the same as granite in a kitchen. Marble can and will etch at some point in time with normal use. Things that can etch it are naturally acidic items such as lemons, wine, vinegar, etc. There are sealers to use to help slow the absorption rate for stains but nothing really stops an etch mark. In fact, we have a 15 year sealer for light color stones that will guarantee no stains, but nothing on the market guarantees no etch marks. To some that is okay, they don’t mind a more lived in look. We recommend to those who choose a marble countertop to consider the honed surface as opposed to the polished surface because the eventual etching will not stand out as much. Read more about countertop surface options via our website here.

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Gorgeous kitchen, isn’t it?

We actually fabricated and installed this kitchen well over a year ago. And this home owner has little children who eat at the soapstone countertop. Looks like it’s aging beautifully to me. The Calcutta Gold marble island top is surrounded by soapstone countertops for a wonderful contrast. Both, by the way, have lots of veining which gives each piece its own unique look.  Want to learn more about soapstone and marble? I’ve written about all the various natural stone options and you can read about all of them here on our website.   Ready to create your own masterpiece kitchen?  Please do contact us, we have all the ideas you need to get started.

P.S.  The beautiful pictures are from Waxman Photography in Hershey.

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