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August 26, 2015

Stone Showcase: Hummelstown Kitchen with Netuno Bordeaux Granite

lesher 10-28


Looking for granite in your home?  Thinking about using a contractor to do some major renovations?  Well, wait until you see inside this Hummelstown home that has some MAJOR renovations in every room of the house. This  home is appointed with many custom features and  uses granite in just about every room.   I had the pleasure of taking a tour after everything was completed and spoke with Betty.

How long have you lived here before the remodel?

We moved into our home in 1991 when our children were only 7, 8 and 12 years old. We have lived here for 24 years.

What inspired you to begin such an undertaking?

In 2003, along with our home here in Hershey, we also lived in an apartment in Philadelphia. We lived in our apartment during the week and traveled back to Hershey on the weekends. From 2003 to 2013 our children moved in and out of our home. Our son lived in our home for 4 years during that time, one of my daughters lived in our home while hers was being built and my other daughter lived in our home after graduating from college. After all of our children had settled into their jobs and into their own homes, we decided it was time to reclaim our home. We gave up our apartment in Philadelphia and began commuting to Philly by train. During the 24 years that we owned the home we had only made minor improvements and although our home was not in terrible shape, it definitely needed some upgrading.

How did you find someone for your remodeling project?

One day after moving back to Hershey I asked my brother, who owns a flooring store in Palmyra, if he knew someone who renovated kitchens. He indicated that he had a buddy, Dominick Yascavage who he would highly recommend for the job. We contacted Dominick and after the completion of the first level, we were so thrilled with the outcome, we contracted him to do the remaining renovations.

In which room did you begin?

We began on the first level which was the kitchen, dining room and living room. Since I love when my children are in the kitchen with me while I am cooking, we deleted the dining room and enlarged the kitchen which is great for entertaining, too. 

Let’s step inside the kitchen first.

lesher 10-1

Netuno Bordeaux is a popular granite with lots of movement and color variation.

lesher 10-25

lesher 10-26

lesher 10-17

lesher 10-15

lesher 10-9

lesher 10-18

lesher 10-19

lesher 10-13


We then proceeded upstairs and renovated the two full bathrooms and the three bedrooms.

This is a knee wall located at the top of the steps on the second floor.

lesher 10-33


While Betty loved her Netuno Bordeaux kitchen she fell in love with a granite called Blue Flower which is her stone of choice for all of the rest of her projects with us.  It’s a beautiful stone that is very versatile.  Bathroom number one upstairs….

lesher 10-32

Bathroom number two upstairs….


lesher 10-34

lesher 10-35

After completion of the upstairs we headed to the lower level and completed a workout area, a full bathroom and a family room. We decided to use granite throughout our entire home. It was a great decision! We were so pleased with the final product.

Our part in the workout area was a nice finishing touch of granite on the chair rail.

lesher 10-37

lesher 10-38

Here is the full downstairs bathroom which features a steam shower.

lesher 10-43

lesher 10-41

lesher 10-45

lesher 10-48

lesher 10-47


The family room downstairs features a granite bar that is unique in structure.  The bar top hovers over the countertop with specially made stainless steel supports.  Frank Lesher designed them and had them custom crafted by a local metal fabrication shop.

lesher 10-63


lesher 10-58

Here is what the supports looked like before installation:


lesher 10-55

lesher 10-54

That was the entire project to date with granite literally throughout the  entire home.   Subscribe to Stone Savvy to keep up with the latest trends and discover new ideas.   Scroll to the top of this page and look to the right to enter your email address and subscribe.  We invite you to stop by 2400 Swatara Creek Road Middletown and discover the Lesher Difference.

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