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January 17, 2013

Love Note and the Lesher Difference

I was asked the other day by a cabinet company, “Why should we choose Lesher Natural Stone Quartz & Tile over your competitors? What makes you ‘different’ from all the other choices out there?” In our ads we say, “Come Discover the Lesher Difference.” While there are many differences that you as a customer or shopper may experience, here is one very well stated example of what makes us “different”. It’s from one of our recent customers….

“I chose to work with Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile for a bathroom installation in our 200 year old farm house. The decision was deliberate, after looking extensively in central Pennsylvania for a company that offered something other than big-box, mass market products. Frank’s [Lesher] obvious passion for his work was infectious. His willingness to accommodate my schedule, to hear my vision for the space, and to produce, on the spot, several novel design ideas that still honored our centuries-old home sealed the deal. It was easy to reach a design plan and from design through installation, all went smoothly and on time. Given another opportunity, I’d make the same choice again without hesitation.”

Dr. Wendy Dean from Carlisle

Below you see 2 custom made “farm style vessel bowls” designed by Frank Lesher to rest on a custom cherry vanity made by Rosewood Kitchens in Mifflintown.


Walking into the bathroom, here’s a glimpse to see the layout…. The commode is tucked away on the right.


Below you see the “farm style vessel bowl” up close and to the right you can see the deep window sills in this 200 year old farm house.



Soapstone is also placed on the partition which ties everything together.


This close up of the partition shows some of the beautiful veining you get with soapstone.


The shower has 12″ x 12″ soapstone tiles with some custom features such as a corner foot rest for shaving and a corner shelf for toiletries.



This picture below shows you the unique drain that’s against the wall. This design keeps the drain from being underfoot while showering, and the gentle slope of the tiled floor prevents puddles.


We invite you to come in to see and experience the Lesher Difference for your self.

Curious about Soapstone and its uses? Read on….

Soapstone is becoming more and more popular. It’s a stone that first you must love for it’s natural look and second understand its strengths and weaknesses before you consider any installation. Here’s our definition and description of Soapstone in general:

Soapstone Metamorphic, warm and soft to the touch, dense, heat resistant, stain resistant, will scratch, used for countertops, sinks or bathrooms, used as a medium for carving

Soapstone is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock made up of mineral components that include talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnesite. It’s a warm and soft stone to the touch. When it is cut, it oxidizes from light gray to a dark charcoal in color. It’s known as a very durable non-porous stone that will not burn from a pot or stain from a spill. It wears well, is resistant to stains, and has been a medium for carving for thousands of years. However, it is a “soft stone” that can scratch. But many scratches will fade or disappear with the use of a little mineral oil or a soapstone enhancer made of carnauba wax & walnut oil. If you like your stone to be a light gray, leave it alone. If you’d like it to look darker, apply some mineral oil or the enhancer now and then. Maybe you’d like a dark island and a light perimeter for the countertops? Use the mineral oil more often on the island to keep it on the darker side. Soapstone is quarried around the globe and also right here in our country. It has been used in American homes since the early 1800′s. Many homes today still contain working soapstone sinks from long ago. Hats off for its durability and lived in look!

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