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March 30, 2017

Custom Carved Sink Vanity



This gorgeous, custom-carved sink vanity was just installed in the master bath of the Stanleys of Elizabethtown.




The Stanleys live in a renovated barn that they bought at auction in 1985. When they bought the barn it was just that, a barn, and so started a long process of renovations.The barn, which they believe was built in the early 1900s, had to be made fit for living conditions, but Bob Stanley was a man with a vision. Bob and Kathy tried to preserve everything about the barn that they could. They went to great lengths to save the original wood floors in what would become their living room, ripping the entire floor up and sending it to be refurbished before relaying it. When they did bring in new materials, they tried to keep things local. The floors in an addition they added to the house are made from ash trees from their own backyard. Even the furnishings in the house keep with its historical nature, most of them were found by the Stanleys at antique shops and auctions.

The master bath is the most recent of the Stanley’s renovations.




They had some difficulties at first deciding where exactly they wanted to go with the project so they hired contractor, Nate Hartman of Hartman Home Improvement, on recommendation from their son. Nate brought the Stanleys to the Lesher showroom where Bob fell in love with a display of a custom milled vanity made of four inch thick American Black Granite with a hand chiseled rock pitch edge.




Here we have our shop manager, Jim, hand chiseling the rock pitch edge of the vanity.




The Stanley’s vanity weighs over 1,000 lbs. When flipping it over to finish chiseling the edge, we needed four of our guys to do it. Thankfully they work out. ;)




One of the challenges in making the Stanley’s vanity was the original stone wall from which it extends. This wall used to be an exterior wall of the original barn and in order to get the vanity flush against the wall, our workers at Leshers had to cut the vanity to match the bumps and curves of the wall.





When it was installed it slid right in, a perfect fit.



The Stanleys love their new vanity and master bath and they loved working with Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile. Kathy Stanley said that working with Lesher was like working with family and that we were just as invested in the project as her and her husband.



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