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March 9, 2012

Fun Fact Friday: What is granite?

For those who like the details and definitions; this post is for you.  For those who just like to imagine, skip on down.
Granite is an intrusive igneous rock formed from the slow cooling of liquid magma found under the earth’s crust.  Generally speaking, it’s a close 2nd to the hardness and durability of a diamond.  It’s hardness and density come from the fact that it was solidified under extreme pressure.  Containing varying amounts of feldspar, quartz, mica and other minerals all of which contribute to the unique colorations, textures and hardness of each granite.   How may kinds of granite are known in the world today?  Well, after a little research, it’s safe to say there arethousands of choices each one being unique like an artist’s pallet!

Imagine some of the possibilities:

Okay one of them was a marble but hey, it gives you an idea of the dynamics.

Why not search for a piece of mother nature’s artwork for your home?  You’re bound to discover something that suits your individual design desires.

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