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January 2, 2013

A Customer’s Disappointment and the Lesher Difference

Imagine investing several grand into your favorite room, the kitchen, where you spend most of your time. After comparing various colors, quality, and styles of granite you make your selection from a reputable company. Then one day the installers come to put in the new granite countertops you’ve been anticipating. You can’t wait to see the new classy looking granite you picked out to coordinate with your cabinets, flooring, paint, etc. Oh, yes, the granite looks good at first glance until you notice the grout color, the lumpy cracking seams, and the noticeable sway on the “linear edge”! That classy looking granite that you envisioned becomes an art wreck in your kitchen. What are you going to do now? Point out the imperfections and ask them to redo it? Well, the Merrymans tried that, but the installers still didn’t make it right. It’s a tough predicament.

Mr. and Mrs. Merryman unfortunately found themselves in this position. And without mentioning company names, let’s just say you need to make sure you understand there is a difference when it comes to fabricating and installing. We’ve been around for 19 years, and proud to say, with some of the same fabricators and installers on our staff. They have the job down to a science and are very professional.

Now let’s look at what can go wrong:







Now, we were called to fix things as best as we could. The work that needed done had to be completed onsite, which meant we had to re-cut the edge to straighten it by hand. Normally this would be done right the first time on our CNC machine. But, thank goodness, we know how to fix it by hand and onsite. Notice the long straight-line edge we used as our guide to mark the tape so we know how much to cut by hand.



The hose you see below is to try and eliminate some of the dusty mess created when cutting.



After it was cut we needed to polish about 10 feet.


Okay….much better as you can see below.


Now to fix some of the grout color and the tightness of the seams.



When you have tight or close seams, you’ll have less grout that shows. A good mixing of grout color to blend with your stone will give a more professional clean look.


You can barely see the seams in each of the pictures below!




After talking to the Merrymans, I know they are now very pleased with their new granite countertops. What it should have been the first time! So, if you’re reading this tell a friend. Spread the word that you know about the Lesher difference…. Seeing is believing, isn’t it?

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