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October 5, 2012

Buyer Be Aware!

Oh, the unfortunate stories we hear.  And how can we help others avoid such a mess?  We feel the need to share those stories that we hear.  You decide for yourself, shouldn’t we share?

We just received a call from another stone fabricator’s disgruntled customer.  The customer called us to say that she just had granite countertops installed and she absolutely needed  a granite sealer with a “life time” guarantee.  If she didn’t get it,  her new granite could stain and dull over time.  She asked, “Do we have a life time sealer?”  Our short answer was, ” No, it’s not necessary.”  But our question to her was, ” Why are you calling us and not calling the fabricator who installed your new countertop?”  Here’s why and what happened:

Customer “X” went to cabinet dealer Y’s showroom because she wanted new cabinets.  She ordered her cabinets and wanted to visit Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile for her countertops. Her friends highly recommended us.  She was told by  cabinet maker “Y” that it wasn’t necessary,  he could manage everything for her.  All she needed to do was select from several granite samples in cabinet maker Y’s showroom and they’d get the granite tops ordered and installed for her.   So she did.

On the day of installation  the countertop fabricator “Z” arrived.  They brought the granite into her home.  The cooktop area on the countertop needed to be cut out.  (We do this part in our shop, never in a home.)  So on went the new hood fan and the saw began to cut the granite in her kitchen, which also happened to have newly installed hardwood floors. No drop clothes were layed down. Well, there was granite dust and pieces of stone flying everywhere.  Her brand new hardwood floors ended up being damaged.  The air conditioning filters were full of dust and needed changed.  Then pieces of granite began to drop down out of the new hood vent, dust and granite pieces came filtering out.   Granite dust was in every imaginable area of her kitchen and spread throughout her home.

Moral of this story.  Use who you want to use. Keep things in your control.  You always have the right to choose who fabricates and installs your countertops.  Your friends and others recommendations have value. Do your own research, too.  Ask questions. Listen and learn.

Back to the original question from customer X.   Do we have a “life time” sealer?  No.  It’s not necessary to purchase one. We’ll explain why on the next post in Stone Savvy.

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