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March 12, 2012

Arrested by Pinterest

According to I fall under #2.


[uh-rest]  Show IPA

verb (used with object)


to seize (a person) by legal authority or warrant; take intocustody: The police arrested the burglar.

to catch and hold; attract and fix; engage: The loud noisearrested our attention.

to check the course of; stop; slow down: to arrest progress.

Medicine/Medical . to control or stop the active progress of(a disease): The new drug did not arrest the cancer.”


Yes, I must admit I’m arrested by Pinterest.  I’m just plain Pinterested.  What in the world am I talking about you say and what does this have to do with stone?  Well, maybe you haven’t heard the word Pinterest?  It’s just Pinteresting if you ask me.  It’s the coolest online concept to hit the world wide web since its conception. Okay, one of the greatest things. The benefits are enormous and it’s just plain old fun.

The concept is this; you “pin” what “interests” you onto your boards.
Here’s how it works.  You must be invited to join Pinterest.  Once you join, you can easily add a “Pin It” button to your favorites bar below your browser.  Now as you surf the web and see pictures of things that “interest” you, you hit “Pin It” and then place it on your board that you name.  You can make up as many boards as you like.  So, let’s say you see a gorgeous granite counter top that you absolutely love.  Pin it.  Place it on your board that you entitled “My Next Kitchen”.  Later you see the tile flooring of your dreams.  Pin it.  Place it on your board that you entitled “My Dream Floors”.  Get the picture?  Oh yea, you’ll have hundreds of pictures all filed and easily accessible on your computer!   No more clippings, just some pinnings.
So if you like, check out my personal Pinterest board for kitchens.  It reflects my personal style.
But don’t stop there, you can check out all my boards if you like here.  Get the idea?  It’s just Pinteresting isn’t it?
I’d love to invite you to join.  Just send me your email address with the request to  Or, you can go to and request an invitation.

Already a pinner?  You can find me here and check out my boards.  Or just look in the right hand column of this blog and you’ll find a “follow me Pinterest button”.


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