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February 27, 2013

Stone Showcase: Mark and Anne Freer of Hershey bathroom and office

Well, if you missed the photos of Anne and Mark Freer’s “sexy” kitchen from last week you may quickly digress here. Today we are on to their stylish bathroom and office. If you recall the counter tops from their …Read More

Posted by Lesher
at 11:05 am
February 22, 2013

Stone Showcase: Mark and Anne Freer’s “Sexy” Kitchen

If a kitchen could have “sex appeal”, I would say this one does! In addition to the “sex appeal”, you’ll discover several custom stone ideas that you may find interesting in this particular kitchen and some useful ideas in general. …Read More

Posted by Lesher
at 11:12 am
February 21, 2013

Stone Showcase: Before pictures of Anne & Mark Freer of Hershey

Here’s the BEFORE pictures of our next Stone Showcase. Anne and Mark Freer of Hershey renovated several rooms in their home on Linden Avenue. They started this project after moving in about a year and half ago. Some rooms are …Read More

Posted by Lesher
at 11:24 am
February 5, 2013

Tall Tale Adventure of our Mixed-Up Mosaic friends and some Art Work.

This is a fun Newsletter that we recently received from our supplier, Mixed-Up Mosaics. I’m sharing the laughter with you and some of their recent artwork creations! Please realize that If you have a vision, they can recreate it with …Read More

Posted by Lesher
at 11:29 am
February 4, 2013

Stone Showcase: McCall Countertop Fabrication and Installation….

Did you see the before pictures of the McCall kitchen? If not, you may want to start here. We are waiting for some of the finishing touches such as the backsplash selection and installation for the McCall job before we …Read More