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An American dream came true....

From the basement garage to a 20,000 square foot building, from a custom handmade saw to the top of the line Italian CNC machine, the Lesher brothers had a self motivated business vision that quickly became reality. It began while shopping for natural stone to use in their own homes.

They experienced very few hospitable natural stone fabricators in Central PA at the time. There was a void in the market for a superior quality, custom countertop fabricator that catered to both the homeowner do-it-yourself-er and the cabinet makers, builders, and designers. Being self motivated, self reliant individuals with a can do attitude, the saw was built to do their own homes,
in-laws’ homes, parent’s home and friends’ homes.

As word quickly spread, the business quickly grew. Expansion was a necessity. After spending five days in Italy searching for the perfect stone cutting and polishing mill, the brothers purchased a 10 ton CNC (computer numerical control) Brembana machine, the best and only one to soon land in Central PA. Once the brothers returned, the search for land and a building began.

The machine was to arrive in a month and needed to be sheltered! Up went the building with 10,000 square foot for production, 5,000 square foot for the showroom and 5,000 square foot to spare. Alas, Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz,
& Tile was conceived out of a sheer desire to have the best in their own homes!

Frank Lesher, now sole owner of Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile continues the tradition of excellence, leadership, and superior quality in the countertop industry right here in Central PA.

But wait, we provide even more since 1996! As the market grew and evolved,
so did we. Our company provides Quartz countertop products and Tile for your backsplash, floor, outdoor, or bathroom projects.


Remodeling and Home Design

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